What Emergency Vehicle Alert Technology Delivers to Improve Traffic Safety:
  • Proprietary RF technology that will reduced Highway Patrol, Law Enforcement and Emergency Vehicle Accidents.
  • Technology that will reduce fatalities of Law Enforcement personnel, EMTs, Fire Fighters and all First Responders.
  • Reduce time required for First Responder Vehicles to reach emergencies. 
  • Reduce time for Ambulance of Fire Departments to bring injured or those in medical crisis to hospital. 
  • Technology that alerts drivers of stopped Law Enforcement and Emergency Vehicles providing roadside aid, allowing drivers to slow prior to reaching incident.
  • Proprietary technology that will improve Rail Road crossing safety.
  • Technology that assures Distracted Drivers are abruptly and aggressively  alerted when approaching a stopped Emergency Vehicle or being approached by an Emergency Vehicle with its lights and/or sirens engaged.
  • A strategic plan to deploy our cost effective technology to the masses on a global basis.
  • Assurance that drivers or personal vehicles who encounter Emergency and Law Enforcement Vehicles are alerted early enough to avoid a crash.

New cars are virtually sound proof.  Sound-cancelling technology installed by Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Ford, and other manufacturers assure drivers are not disturbed by outside sounds such as sirens.  The siren sounds and other sounds are blocked from the interior of most new cars until an Emergency Vehicle with sirens and lights engaged is within approximately 25 feet of a private vehicle and in some cases, directly upon the private vehicle.  Hearing-Impaired and Deaf are unable to hear sirens.

EAS technology aggressively interrupts vehicle sound-cancelling technology, loud stereos, cell-phone calls, driver/passenger conversations and all other activity that distracts drivers from their primary task and responsibility of paying full attention to their responsibility of the task of driving safely.  We can eliminate Emergency Vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving, road hazards, and poor visibility urban driving environments.

2015 & 2016 Chevrolet television advertisement quote: "Our cars will keep the noise that surrounds your car out of your car."  A similar television ad was run during the 2016 Olympic Games by Chevrolet announcing this sound canceling technology in their new trucks.

2017 & 2018  EAS developed new mobile-phone technology that will allow the deaf, hearing impaired and blind to be alerted to approaching emergency vehicles, light-rail and trains, road construction, or other road hazards, and numerous other reasons that would increase the safety of this large demographic of our society.  Initial tests in 2018 were successful.

2019 - We have analyzed the technology available regarding Vehicle-to-Vehicle, V2V technology, that is again being explored by the automotive industry and see nothing that addresses the safety and crash avoidance of Emergency Vehicles on a Code-3 run when they drive through red-light intersections to reach an emergency or to bring a severely injured patient to hospital.  Furthermore, we have not seen any technology that addresses  crash avoidance capabilities with emergency vehicles on an emergency run.  Our original technology can be implemented in all new and existing motor vehicles.  The technology we are developing now can easily be programmed into all new cars at virtually no additional cost to manufacturers.
EMERGENCY ALERT SOLUTIONS, LLC is committed to increasing the safety of First Responders, Law Enforcement, Highway Patrol, Fire Fighters, EMT's, Two Truck drivers, and all who regularly put their lives at risk to protect and serve us.

EAS has designed, tested and manufactured radio-frequency based technology since 2011.  Our technology actively engages and alerts drivers of personal and commercial vehicles they are being approached, or are approaching stopped emergency vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, fire apparatus and tow trucks.  Drivers of new motor vehicles have tremendous difficulty hearing sirens or seeing flashing warning lights due to automotive driver and passenger comfort technologies and driver distraction.

These Accidents CAN be Prevented.