Founder & President: Raymond P. Cannefax
Mr. Cannefax has enjoyed success at the executive level in the Medical Equipment and Telecommunication industries. He recently served as CEO for publicly held Paradigm Medical Industries, Inc. where he directed the development of new technologies for ophthalmic diagnostic devices.  He brings an extensive background in management, telecommunications, and technology development.  Ray held senior management positions with two of the Nation's largest telecommunications companies, two medical diagnostic device manufacturers, and technology ventures he founded.  He holds degrees and certificates from the University of Utah and MIT's Cambridge Learning Center. Mr. Cannefax is an expert in Public Safety issues related to Distracted Driving and Crash Reduction.

Director of Finance & Treasurer: Stephen Wyatt
Mr. Wyatt provides 30 years of  accounting experience to the company.  As a CPA and owner of  Wyatt & Associates, Stephen is an expert in corporate audits and is respected for his financial advice and management of both, large corporations as well as start-up operations.  Stephen is a graduate of the University of Idaho and licensed as a CPA by the State of Utah.

Secretary:  Bret Decker
Mr. Decker brings extensive business accument and understanding to the company and maintains the company books and records.  Mr. Decker manages investor relations and maintains investor records and communication. Mr. Decker has been involved with the company since 2012, and has aided in the development of the proprietary technology owned by the Company.

Director: Bret Decker
Mr. Decker has founded and operated a number of companies dealing primarily with the energy and automotive sector.  Mr. Decker bring a wealth of management experience coupled with an extensive comprehension of corporate finance.  Mr. Decker has served as an officer at Gold Standard, Inc. and Pan American Motorsports to name several of the many with which he has been involved.  Mr. Decker graduated from the University of Utah where he studied Business Management and Finance.

Technology Director: Frederik Swemmer
A native of Holland, Mr. Swemmer has been involved in the electronics industry for over 15 years and is an expert at circuit board design.  He was involved in bringing new technology to the eastern Europe after it was liberated. Fred migrated to the United States, became a citizen, joined the military where he worked extensively on helicopter tracking technology and on a variety of government and private electronic design projects.  Fred is responsible for the ongoing electronic circuit designs of the Company's technology and manages product testing and development.

The Company has highly skilled and knowledable advisors who provide the company sound guidance.  Our advisors include experts from the business sector, the political arena, the automotive industry, highly successful entrepreneurs and a financial analyst.  The individuals come from different industries and offer experience and input rarely found in a new venture by bringing decades of experience in the automotive industry and business sector.

Robert B. Mercer
Robert is former General Counsel and Vice President of Volvo Cars and Mazda, USA.  During his tenure as legal counsel to these firms, Robert became familiar with the regulatory bodies, agencies and organizations the Company will be dealing with and their intricacies.  Robert has a multi-dimensional understanding of the automotive industry and will be instrumental is directing the management team in moving the company's product from the prototye stage to production.

Bradley Olch
Former 3-tem Mayor of Park City, Mr. Olch is instrumental in advising the management team of which political contacts would be beneficial to the growth and development of the company

Dominic Dobson
With more than 25 years as a professional race car drive in Indy Car, American Le Mans, and many other racing series, and also serving as a driving consultant to a number of automobile manufacturers, Mr. Dobson is instrumental in guiding the technology to where it is most effective and efficient.  Mr. Dobson has been heavily involved in fund raising activities and was engaged directly with the Lemay family in acquiring funding and vehicles for the Leman Auto Museum in Tacoma, Wash.