Founder & Chief Executive Innovator: Raymond P. Cannefax
Mr. Cannefax has a technology background with medical equipment and telecommunication.. As CEO of publicly-held Paradigm Medical Industries, Inc. he directed the development of new technologies for ophthalmic diagnostic devices.  In telecommunications he founded Apollo Telecom, Inc., served as V.P. at Triad America Systems, and was a Western Division Director at Sprint Communications.  Ray has held executive positions with two of the Nation's largest telecommunications companies, two medical diagnostic device manufacturers, and ventures he founded  and operated.  He holds degrees and certificates from the University of Utah and MIT's Cambridge Learning Center. Mr. Cannefax is an expert in Public Safety issues related to Distracted Driving and Emergency Vehicle Crash Reduction.

Technology Director: Fred Swemmer
A native of Holland, Mr. Swemmer has been involved in the electronics industry for over 22 years and is an expert at circuit board design.  He was involved in bringing new technology to eastern Europe after it was liberated. Fred migrated to the United States, became a citizen, joined the US military where he worked extensively on helicopter tracking technology and on a variety of government and private electronic design projects.  Fred is responsible for the ongoing electronic circuit designs of the Company's technology and manages product testing and development.  Mr. Swemmer developed the dashboard integrated Emergency Vehicle alert into the dashboard from a Ford vehicle and this is technology that can be implemented today into virtually any vehicle on the world's public highways.  Mr. Swemmer continues to develop complex electronic circuitry for companies he founded and operates.

NOTE:  The Company management team disbanded following the failure of the US DOT to follow through on their commitments to bring this technology to the market.  Mr. Cannefax and Mr. Swemmer have remained available to the company throughout and are reviving the company with the update of this website.  Both have returned as of January 2019 with a full intent to bring this life-saving technology to market.  We will work with any automobile manufacturer who expressed an interested and make our technology available to them for implementation.